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Disable 000webhost.com popup windows | screensort in 000webhost advertisment removing

Disable Popup windows Ads in 000webhost.com here I thank to 000webhost.com i search for entire google search engine. and forum not to clear correct answer. Finally i could a solution ... Continue Reading →

SimplePDO.php Its very useful to simple pdo to mysql drive It have CRUD method include

SimplePDO.php Its Developed From  Bennett Stone publish by www.phpdevtips.com. I am actually already have this link PDO CRUD with use PHP Class file but It was perfect class file ... Continue Reading →

PDO CRUD with use PHP Class file

php data object to use create,read,update and delete query with class file use. 1.config.php <?php //  Database Config File define('DB_NAME','crud'); define('DB_HOST','localhost'); define('DB_USER','root'); define('DB_PASS',''); ?> 2.connection.php <?php include_once( ... Continue Reading →

CheckBox,RadioButton,SelectBox in Php Code

From the Mysql Data To Affect CheckBox,RadioButton,SelectBox in Php Code Default The Html Code is Define the  CheckBox, RadioButton, SelectBox as checked=”checked”,checked=”checked”,selected=”selected” So ... Continue Reading →

Difference between session and cookie in php

The main difference being that session data is stored on the server, while cookie data is stored on the client. Therefore, a client can easily modify the cookie contents, but will ... Continue Reading →

php encrypt and decrypt function in simple

Php Encrypt and Decrypt Function its very useful to php developer simple works.   <?php define("ENCRYPTION_KEY", "[email protected]#$%^&*"); $string = "indianjobtips.com"; echo ... Continue Reading →