Simple Date Picker with add Time of HH:MM:SS

    jquery date picker for time and dd/mm/yyy format jQuery(document).ready(function($) {              $('table input#datepicker').datetimepicker({     ... Continue Reading →
disable ads

Disable popup windows | screensort in 000webhost advertisment removing

Disable Popup windows Ads in here I thank to i search for entire google search engine. and forum not to clear correct answer. Finally i could a solution ... Continue Reading →
pdo mysql

SimplePDO.php Its very useful to simple pdo to mysql drive It have CRUD method include

SimplePDO.php Its Developed From  Bennett Stone publish by I am actually already have this link PDO CRUD with use PHP Class file but It was perfect class file ... Continue Reading →
pdo crud in php hot code

PDO CRUD with use PHP Class file

php data object to use create,read,update and delete query with class file use. 1.config.php <?php //  Database Config File define('DB_NAME','crud'); define('DB_HOST','localhost'); define('DB_USER','root'); define('DB_PASS',''); ?> 2.connection.php <?php include_once( ... Continue Reading →
update query to use view page check box

CheckBox,RadioButton,SelectBox in Php Code

From the Mysql Data To Affect CheckBox,RadioButton,SelectBox in Php Code Default The Html Code is Define the  CheckBox, RadioButton, SelectBox as checked=”checked”,checked=”checked”,selected=”selected” So ... Continue Reading →
cookie session

Difference between session and cookie in php

The main difference being that session data is stored on the server, while cookie data is stored on the client. Therefore, a client can easily modify the cookie contents, but will ... Continue Reading →