How to Set Automatically Logout on Cron Job Using Core Php – cron job tutorial

I am using the fetch the database table from mysql column data. and i am assign to some columns was ‘0’ or ‘1’ -s on the database. This way to follow the making ... Continue Reading →


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php encrypt and decrypt

php encrypt and decrypt function in simple

Php Encrypt and Decrypt Function its very useful to php developer simple works.   <?php define("ENCRYPTION_KEY", "[email protected]#$%^&*"); $string = ""; echo ... Continue Reading →

Simple Contact Form in Php Code Download

Here I am using one HTML code with Php code. it was very useful to php beginner. it will search the keyword is simple contact form in php or php code for contact form. 1) html code <pre ... Continue Reading →

core php error log – max execution time – max memorny limit control by php code

max execution time is two options: 1) ini setting from php predefine var     ini_set('max_execution_time',9000); 2) time limit from php predefine var set_time_limit(9000);   Increase ... Continue Reading →